The front desk – is your receptionist losing potential clients?

    The front desk – is your receptionist losing potential clients?

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    About 1,028,600 receptionists are answering phones for different business as you read this. With a 10% expected job outlook increase from 2014-2024 its a rapidly-growing profession.

    Why is the front desk so important?

    Your receptionist is the first person that a potential client, patient or lead talks to, but have you ever had time to actually listen to what your receptionist is saying?


    Thank you for calling. 

    When a receptionist is handling your phone calls, think about the days when you answered your first potential leads and sales. You were optimistic, maybe over promising things, but one thing was sure. You gave them the best sales pitch, the best support pitch and made a friend or at least a cold lead into a warm one.

    blogitp37Call your office right now. Im serious. Call. Did your reception answer with “Hello?”.  Call back and fire them!…kidding. This is the first step in identifying exactly how much your receptionist cares about your brand and services. When hiring a front desk admin or receptionist, remember to explain to them just how important their job is and that they make the company look professional and caring.

    A proper greeting can go a long way. If you’re a dental practice make sure you set up a small script that identifies what you are offering. “Happy Dental Smiles, this is Tina how may I help you?” can go a long way. Improvise and try your own, you could even throw a sales pitch in there every once in a while when you’re doing specials or promotions.

    Assist people. Don’t help. 


    Being assisted just feels….better. Being helped is a bit of a downer, I just need assistance with this issue I am having.


    A great way to start doing QA on your front desk and employees is to use a call recording service. Another option is to outsource this task to one of the many “Front Desk” services that allow you to track calls, check where calls are coming from, etc. Call us to see how we can assist you today!