How to respond to a negative Yelp Review

1. Read the Review Carefully Few of us read each and every bit of online text on a word-by-word premise. An examination highlighted by the Washington Post calls attention to the way we process content. Historically, we moved gradually, starting with single word then onto the next, requiring significant investment to interpret meaning. Presently, we race from short sentence to short sentence, simply getting the highlights en route. In case you’re skimming through a negative survey, you could miss a great deal of information that could truly help you, including: The date of......

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The front desk - is your receptionist losing potential clients?

About 1,028,600 receptionists are answering phones for different business as you read this. With a 10% expected job outlook increase from 2014-2024 its a rapidly-growing profession. Why is the front desk so important? Your receptionist is the first person that a potential client, patient or lead talks to, but have you ever had time to actually listen to what your receptionist is saying?...

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